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We remain knowledgeable of the latest OMB policies and regulations and will readily implement a methodology for your organization using best practices outlined in the CPIC framework. Sapphire provides a full spectrum of CPIC services that includes portfolio analysis, training, evaluation, and project-level implementation of policies.

Our team has experience creating memos and directives related to IT Portfolio Management by refining current CPIC policies and ensuring all policies abide by the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 and all subsequent OMB guidance to include best practices.

Sapphire staff is skilled in prioritizing and managing high impact and time-sensitive projects and the proven record developing a master project plan that meets the unique needs of any organization. Our master project plans contain all project deliverables, milestone dates, and work breakdown schedules to deliver your projects on time and within budget. In addition, we identify and retain highly qualified candidates for most skilled and hard to fill positions.

Our team members have the knowledge and skills to provide guidance to implement TBM Methodology to assist organizations in aligning their IT programs with the overall business goals while providing the tools to manage the cost and quality of their IT services.

Here at Sapphire we have the expert knowledge and experience  in financial management to provide a suite of financial services that includes financial management analysis to assist stakeholders in financial objectives.

Our team members will work with stakeholders to establish a governance framework that gives structure and visibility to the entire IT department. Our strategies ensure the IT department or environment delivering business value to the enterprise abide by the regulations and policies that define and ensure the effective, controlled and valuable operation of all IT spend.

We have flexible trainers that can provide training in any environment such as virtual training sessions with videoconferencing tools like Zoom, and on various topics that your organization would like to cover.

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